August 2, 2009

Kaye Abad

Katherine Grace Cosme Abad in Pennsylvania known as Kaye Abad,she is a filipina and singer actress.She was born on May 17,1982.

Kaye is a member of abs-cbn's circle of homegrown talents named Star Majic.
Kaye was launched as a member of Star MAjic batch 3 in 1993.

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Mauricio said...

To Miss Kay Abad,
My name is Maurice and i just want to tell you that you are beutiful and charming person for me. I seldom see you on TFC but everytime i see you, everything stop...i really do not know why i act that way.... Everytime your on tv....i just hope someday, somehow we'll see each other..when i go on vacation there in the PI...i am sorry if i offended you in anyway...but i really like you...and it would be nice to see you can email me at to hear from you soon....God bless